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"All Good Things in life require little efforts and time"

"And this is same thing with interior designing and decoration" Which is just a myth nothing more that it.
With Grace Decore every step toward the interior decoration and designing is made easy, effortless and time saving.

  • Step.1
    Site Inspection And Requirment:
    "Interior Designing start from place which is to be decorated hence it is useless to visit our office on first meet.
    Therefore we request the client to let us visit to their place and tell us what are they looking for or what type of their dream house
    , office, lounge or anything should look like and accordingly Layout and Dimentioning is Done.
  • Layout and dimentionng
    Layout and dimentionng
  • Step.2
    Designing and Estimation:
    On our next meet with client either in our office or at thier place we provide the preliminary design and
    expected estimate of the project.Once Everthng goes fine we move toward the next step.
  • Step.3
    Material Procument and Contractor Selection:
    Now the Material required is boked and transported to working site simultanously the
    contractor for work are selected and finally Work is started.
  • Layout and dimentionng
  • Step.4
    Project Implementation and Completion:
    Now Its All Over us.We immediately move the all things to site and start working,
    So that we can deliver what we promised in said period of time with top Quality output.
    Once Everything is ready and Completed,our Engineer's and Interior Designer Check all
    the work if their is any lag so that it can be rectified and can be handed Over the Client.
    A Handover form and Review form is given to the client ,So that theycan Review
    us ad can share their experience.